5th September 2016

Biggest Accounting Blunders of the Last Decade

Undertaking to learn accounting can be an interesting and lucrative endeavour. It does, however, require you to pay attention when learning and pay extra attention when executing your work as having a premium financial education means nothing if you aren’t paying attention when it comes to the crunch. Accounting blunders can have dramatic consequences and there have been a number of catastrophic incidents over the past decade that echo this sentiment.
14th July 2016

Help Me Budget! – Tips for the Successful Construction of a Budget

Life is unpredictable, if not for this fact budgeting would be the easiest thing in the world. Constructing and keeping to a budget can be a monumental challenge. Today we will tap into some tips from the financial training specialists at the Academy of Wealth:
29th June 2016

Do Something to Increase Your Income

There is absolutely no doubt that life has become harder for most people. Many are unemployed and for those who do have jobs, salaries are not sufficient to cover all our expenses comfortably. Consumers have had to endure above inflation increases in electricity, water and rates, rising food prices, increases in fuel prices, e-tolls and higher interest rates. Income tax has also been increased during these economically tough times.
29th June 2016

Are you an EMPLOYER? If so you need to read this.

You have created a decent work environment, proper benefits, but have you gone as far as assisting your employees to create sound financial habits. Most HR personnel have had to deal with the following:  Employees who need loans to carry them through every six months or so  Employees who ask for their leave to be cashed in  Employees who have had garnishee orders issued against them  Employees who leave to be able to access their pension fund money  Employees who take more sick leave than they should.  Employees who on reaching retirement age suddenly realize that their pension is not enough and do not know what to do