Corporate Courses

Need a Course Customised to Your Company’s Needs?

Academy of Wealth provides a variety of solutions to corporate companies looking for specific training material in large orders.

The courses can be completely customised to your needs and brand. Specific modules can be reassembled into shorter, more concise lessons, and revamped to address your employees directly. Courses can also be translated to the language of your choice and incorporate the currency relevant to your country.

But what if the learning material you desire has yet to be covered in any of Academy of Wealth’s developed courses? Our course proprietor, Jonathan Harding, has more than 30 years experience in the world of financial education and is ready to develop new courses for your needs. With our in-house development team ready at mark, we can provide fresh new learning solutions within strict time frames.

If you’ve already found the Academy of Wealth course that’s perfect for your company and are looking to purchase in bulk, feel free to drop us an email to arrange a discount on large orders.

  • By giving employees access to these financial courses the employer helps them to change their financial behavior
  • The remuneration an employee receives is essential to their financial survival. Our courses assist the employee to make better choices relative to their earnings and benefits
  • Employers create share benefit schemes for employees which should be dramatically changing their lives when the payout comes but employees spend the money on wants rather than needs with no provision for their future. This is because they have not been taught otherwise
  • Employers require that employees join retirement funds which most employees should be using as the basis for their retirement. Our courses create understanding around these benefits so that they can plan properly. Employees need to understand the mechanics of their retirement fund
  • Employers can make a marked difference by assisting employees who are stressed about their finances and are not yet financially literate
  • Employees who are trained in financial literacy make better decisions and are able to focus on their tasks at hand
  • Financially capable employees are more productive and loyal
  • They are unlikely to resign with the aim of accessing their retirement benefits
  • Practice good financial behaviors
  • Apply positive changes in their financial lives
  • Increased assets, decreased liabilities, increased net worth, reduced financial distress, and improved financial well being
  • Better able to reach their financial goals including a successful retirement
  • We provide a financial programme to employees to access and help with their overall financial fitness at every stage of their careers

For an employee, their benefits package is the key to their financial success. If the employer does not train the employee, thereby enhancing understanding of remuneration and benefits, that employer can be viewed as incapable of making wise choices in determining their employees’ financial future. How many employees fully understand the term ‘cost to company’ or are able to make sense of what actual benefits they are entitled to from their retirement fund. These are just a couple of concepts that are completely foreign to most employees. Should it not be the responsibility of the employer to create personal money management understanding and behaviours that maximise the likelihood of financial success throughout the employee’s life.

In these times of low economic growth and rising prices most employees are extremely financially stressed and dissatisfied about their finances. Employers could make a huge difference by providing them with the necessary training and understanding.

Our courses have been developed specifically with the above in mind. We begin with our basic financial literacy, retirement benefits, wealth file and more.