Own Business Course

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Own Business Course

As we are all aware our country urgently needs entrepreneurs to ensure the growth our economy requires and the resulting creation of small businesses will have a serious impact on creating employment for our population. There is, however, a lack of training opportunities for those who cannot afford the cost of a university or similar institution. Whilst there are books on entrepreneurship and various TV programmes, what is needed is a low cost, easy to obtain, simple to use course, that guides and gives the entrepreneur direction to run his own business.

The course covers the process of starting a business from business concept through to implementation and finally to assist in how to run the operation on an ongoing basis. The user will also be able to constantly refer back to the learning.

Our concept is an eLearning/Digital product that we sell on-line. A Learner Management System will be utilized to support the content and learner experience.

This product has been developed with the aim of building your own business step by step and includes relevant issues such as:

The business plan, market research, what product or service, legal requirements, infrastructure requirements, funding, information technology, accounting and basic finance, human resources, management tools etc.

In addition, we have standard templates for each module which the learner can refer to.  These consist of forms which will be required in the business such as checklists, operational form designs, budgets, cash flow documents, lease agreements, employee manuals and contracts etc. Under each module the Learner will be introduced to some of these forms and how to use them.

A very important part of the course is that each learner will learn to develop his own business plan. We will draw information from each completed module which will be transferred into the business plan. This business plan can then be used as an internal working document, or could be used as an actual plan to raise funding etc. At the end of the course, each participant should be able to walk away with their own specific business plan.

Where relevant, the knowledge of the learner will be re-enforced by way of case studies in order to assist the learner to deal with problems which will probably arise at some time in his business.

eLearning is a fantastic tool for getting the message across. The course will be interactive, with video and will include voice over. It is vibrant, trendy and practical, thus enhancing the user experience. Learners can do it in their own time and at their own pace. The course has been designed to be rolled out both in a facilitated manner as well as a digital/eLearning solution.

A Learner Management System enables any stakeholder to track and monitor progress.

The course consists of 16 modules which take the learner through the entire process of owning and managing his own business.

The modules are:

Module 1 Why you should consider starting your own Business
 Module 2  The Business Plan Concept
 Module 3  What Business-What Product
 Module 4  Doing Market Research
 Module 5  The Legal Requirements
 Module 6 Physical Infrastructure
 Module 7 Staffing and Managing People
 Module 8  Paper Flows
 Module 9  Funding
 Module 10  Simple Information Technology
 Module 11 Which laws affect your Business including B-BBEE, NCA, CPA
 Module 12  How do we Market our Business
 Module 13  Other matters- Good Business Practice
 Module 14  Understanding Accounting and Basic Finance
 Module 15  Managing Your Business- What data and information do you need
 Module 16  Bring it Together with the Business Plan

Each module explains the topic, then there are exercises, templates and possibly checklists for that module, library items for that module eg in module 7 an example of an employment contract, and then finally an extract for the Business Plan which is cut and then pasted into an actual business plan for that learner.

Mentorship forms an important part of the course is that we will make ourselves available to provide on-going support in this regard.

Once the participant has worked through all the modules He will have a far greater understanding of all the elements in running your own business. In addition, he will take away his very own dynamic business plan and be able to contact a mentor if and when required.